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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Yes, the bigger question is what the heck is this Greater Than Symbol in CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet )! Well, I'm going to explain with example below.

Why > ( Greater Than Symbol ) is used in CSS?


css greater than symbol
css greater than symbol


Greater Than Symbol ( > ) in CSS is used to indicate child on any parent like division ( <div> </div> ) or such kind of things. It's like you are indicating a child from a parent. If you are not clear yet, I would like to give an example:

HTML Part:

<p class="about_me"> Hi! My name is Rubel! I studied in Computer Science and Engineering. I worked on Mobile Application, Google Adsense etc.</p>
<p class="about_me"> I would like to say something about my career in this section.</p>

CSS Part ( where we used greater than symbol ):

body {
background: #2b3c50;
color: #00aee5;
div > p.about_me {

color: #fff;
height: 200px;
width: 400px;
border: 1px solid #888;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 30px;
div {
color: #888;


Template with above Code:

example of CSS greater than symbol use
example of CSS greater than symbol use

What is the Use of > ( Greater than symbol in CSS ) ?

To access all the direct child of any division ( <div> </div ) or same type class which is not included in other things like span ( <span> </span> ).

In the second paragraph class ( in to the <span> </span> ), that doesn't allows the CSS codes written in “ div > p.about_me ” class as that is not the direct class of division ( <div> </div> ) for being in span ( <span> </span> ).

You can see, though both paragraph are named same ( about_me ) second one is not running as the same way of first paragraph and that is because the use of Greater Than Symbol in CSS.

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  1. In the last paragraph's heading, you used smaller than "<" symbol ! :P
    Apart from this, nice article. :]

    1. Thanks for notice little bro :)

      Correction done!

      And also thanks for finding this as nice ;)

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