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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Even if you are not from Computer Engineering background, still you can have Career in Mobile Application Development. Honestly speaking, being a Software Engineering student, I learned less in class room and more in practical life. So, if you are not from Computer Science background then what are you waiting for?

career in mobile application development
Mobile Apps Development

What is Mobile Application Development?

This is the era of technology and we use Smart Phones. Like a computer need softwares like VLC, KMPlayer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. A smart phone can have applications like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Kingsoft Office, Music Player, Google Chrome for Mobile etc. If you want to be a  mobile application developer you have to develop application like these.

Future of Mobile Application Development

Along with web application development I develop Mobile Application too for Carnivalbd Apps Store. So, I have the opportunity to go through the mobile application development market. In one word the future of mobile application development market is “ Bright ” ! If you develop a medium quality static and content based mobile application and upload it in Application market like Google Play, iTunes and for Windows Phone, you will get minimum 20,000 and maximum 100,000 downloads in few months! And the good news is, you can monetize an application! So, that will bring money for you easily! Image  a website with 10,000 visitors per day! Isn't that cool? Now, you have a platform of 100,000 people! Isn't that coolest? That's why I call it as Bright!

According to , there are 1.75 Billion Smart Phone users in 2014 around the world! Now, by developing applications and reaching those amount of people will be far easy! Isn't it?

How to start Mobile Application Developing?

google play card
Google Play Card

Mobile Application Development beginner should know few things before taking first step for developing an application. Those are like basic programming, knowledge in Java Programming, knowledge in design and of course unique ideas for Application.

For example, developing an Android application for Google Play, you need to download ADT from site. Then start finding ideas and implementing those with code in ADT and build the APK file to upload in Google Play.

What is going to be your Million Dollar App ?

angry birds bird
Angry Birds Logo

Did you hear about the application named Angry Birds? Which is got a download range of 100,000,000 - 500,000,000 in Google Play Store and many more in Apple iTunes! And we call that type App as million dollar App! If you follow the image in below ( How Angry Birds Started ) , you will come to know how hard it is to make a Million dollar mobile application but definitely not impossible. Your one great idea can change your life! Not just Angry Birds, there are thousands applications which can be called as not just million but billion dollar application. I would like to mention the name of the application WhatsApp. Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19.2 Billion dollar! So, why don't you develop a application like WhatsApp and become not just millionaire but billionaire!

How Angry Birds Started
How Angry Birds Started

How to learn Mobile Application Developing?

You can easily learn from Online resources like Articles, Videos and so on. There are a lot of videos in for free to learn about mobile application development. You can learn from any expert to be expert and learn faster.

How to monetize Application?

You can monetize application with Google Adsense in most famous platforms like Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone. Not just Google Adsense but there are hundreds more Advertising platform for mobile. You just need some searching in .  You can collect manual advertisements too. Besides, you can work for different company application too.


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