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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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People related to programming and coding often make mistakes or misuse the words Coders and Programmers by not knowing properly. So, question is

What are the differences between programmers and coders?

code its fun
Code It's fun


Let me explain couple of situations first and then I will relate the Programmer and Coder according to their action in that situations.

Situation 1:
A bus was going on a road and faced a tunnel in front. The tunnel is just couple of inches smaller than the bus. The bus stacked for just couple of inches. If the bus were couple of inches smaller it could have gone easily through the tunnel. Now, we called a programmer and a coder to solve this problem.

Coder: He decided to hire a crane and solve the problem. He took  two hours and spent 1000 USD for a crane. The crane came and took the bus over the tunnel. Problem solved!
Eat Sleep Code
Eat Sleep Code

Programmer: A programmer came to the spot and observed the situation. He saw, if the bus could be made couple of inches little it could easily go through the tunnel. He came to the wheels of bus and left the air go into it. Because of releasing air from wheels, the bus came down and were able to go through the tunnel. He saved both time and money.

Situation 2: Teacher assigned a assignment for a programmer and a coder. Design a CMS ( Content Management System )

A coder will find out the pseudo code or blueprint of CMS anyhow and code according to that blueprint.

Programmer: A programmer won't look for blueprint or pseudo code. He'd love to design the logic and full work process of the CMS ( Content Management System ). After the sketch and designing he will start coding for this project.

Trust Me, I'm a programmer
Trust Me, I'm a programmer

Now, I guess you are clear about the differences between a programmer and a coder. A coder is who codes and doesn't need to think about anything else like logic, code efficiency etc.
But a programmer is someone who is not just a coder but along with coding he creates logic, design logic, thinks, think about the output, thinks about the code efficiency, think to make it better, think to make it working and so on.

A programmer is not in the same queue with a coder, he makes his specification with,
- better thinking
- managing the project
- not just code but doing also technical specification
- quality of work/project
- quality of code
and so on.

So, what would you like to be ? A programmer or a coder?

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