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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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You could find this topic little bit interesting and may not be hoping from me! Well, I was at gym for almost one year and I think I'm eligible for some kind of tips for you guys! Specially who have got a big sized belly!

Now first question is, “ Do you really need to go at Gym? 

Well, being an ex-Gym man, I would like to say 'Yes'! The reasons I will show are:-

1. Gym gives your body a good shape no matter how odd looking you are!
2. Gym will give you a good food habit.
3. Gym will give you mental and physical satisfaction on you daily life like if you are a body builder and use to go Gym at morning, your full day will be awesome in term of confidence and movement.
4. Gym gives you boost on anything you are planning.
5. Gym is a place of enjoyment for young bloods! You have so much to gain there, honestly!

Well, I don't have any personal Gym! So, you shouldn't think I am doing publicity of any Body Building Gym!

Fitness Tips
Fitness Maintain Cat

Well the Second and third question are, “ Do you really need to go to Gym for having a good shaped body? Can't you make your body building at home?

Answer of the second question is, 'Yes!' you need to go at Gym for a good shaped body! If you buy Gym instruments ( Fitness Equipments ) at home it will be tough for you to do at home.  At fitness center you will see competition among the tough boys and certainly you would love that! That will increase your intention and love to Gym. So, being in  a fitness center is important too.

Answer of third question is also 'Yes!' But, before that you will have to be at Fitness Center for a time being otherwise you won't know what to do! At Gym, I learned that you have to absolutely perfect on every item like push ups, dumbbelll curl, barbel curl and so on. So, leaning first is important! Then, you can come back at home and practice the same to just keep up your basic good shape ( Definitely not a shape like Arnold Schwarzenegger! For that you have to be at Gym for years and years. )!

Fourth Question, “ What should you do at home to keep your good shape?

At first I'd love to say, only a good habit can give you a good fitness! Push ups are always great for having a good shaped body. You can do that as much as you want! Push ups are got affect on your whole body, so you can continue these. Warm up is also needed for a good fitness at home. You can do arms spreading, jumping, jumping over rope, cycling, walking, running etc.

Food habit is most important part of having a good fitness. I can mention some for you:-

1. Eat eggs avoiding yolk.
2. Eat fruits, Chickpea ( not cooked, just after keeping these in water for few hours ), milk.
3. Avoiding foods like beef, oily foods, all kind of Biriyani, Tehri and these kinds of foods
4. All kinds of cold drinks like 7up, Cocacola are stickily prohibited.
5. Must avoid fast foods like burger, pizza, noodles and so on.
6. Try to eat protein contained food. If you eat rice, try not to have that. You can eat bread( Ruti ) in stead and vegetables.
7. Try to avoid salt and eat at the same time regularly. And of course don't sleep too much!

Thats all for today. Not sure how much this post is going to help you but if you have suggestion don't forget to leave that in comment for others.

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