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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Google Adsense, success for a lot of people and failure for a bunch of people too! Making money with Google Adsene is not easy but not impossible! Well, me and my team receive a good amount of revenue using Google Adsense in every month. Personally I have over 4 years of experience in Google Adsense. So, I can tell you something from my experience that may help you to generate good output is from Google Adsense. Google Adsense could be your part time career too!

Google Adsense Success experience tips

Why Google Adsense is so famous?

- Google Adsense pays in CPC ( Cost Per Click ) and CPM ( Cost Per Mile ) / RPM ( Request Per Mile ) basis to it's publishers. And it pays much more better than any similar kind of advertisement company in the market. That's make it famous and unique! Not only content, Google Adsense gives you opportunities to make money from your Website search results , Youtube videos, mobile applications ( Admob ) and so on. Some people will show you the alternative of Google Adsense, but honestly speaking there are no alternative of Google Adsense in current Online world!

How can I get a Google Adsense account?

- Well, it depends of where you live! If you are a person from India, Bangladesh, China you have to open a website , provide good quality content without any plagiarism and continue that more than six months then you will get a Adsense account! If you are outside of these areas, you will get a Google Adsense account pretty easily after opening a Gmail account and a website in You can also get hosted Google Adsense account from Youtube by uploading good video ( no copyright problems ) in there. In 2010, I got a Google Adsense account within 2/3 days just after opening a website in Blogger ( blogspot sites ) with no real content in there! But, as people in south Asian are making less qualified sites and for putting the ads of Google Adwards partners in right and good sites Google made this decision for hold the site for six months for a review.

How Google Adsense account gets banned?

- Google Adsense can be banned if you are doing anything with ads that doesn't go with Google Adsense policy! For example, if you are clicking too much on advertisement, divert invalid and paid traffics to your site, make a site of porn with Google Adsense advertisement and so on. If your account once gets banned there are almost no possibilities for retrieving! So be careful about that.

How to withdraw money from Google Adsense? 

- It's very easy to withdraw money from Google Adsense account. Just put your bank details ( Your name, account number, bank name, swift code ) and withdraw it easily. If you want to receive money in Check, after receiving your check bring that in Adsense issued bank and collect the money. Nothing easier like that!

How to make most of Google Adsense?

- Write quality content, visitors will get attracted to your site, ultimately the Adsense will generate good revenue. Blend the advertisements in your site content make more of it. Write on the topic that you love. At some topics like ' Hosting buying, Donation, Find a Lawyer, Car donate ' Google Adwards pays a good amount of money. You can research and write on these topics to make most of Google Adsense.

Where can I use Google Adsense advertisement?

- You can place Google approved advertisement any sites. Like, your own site that matches with Google Adsense policy, Mobile application ( by Admob ), , and many more.

How much will I earn from Google Adsense account?

- It depends on many thing like where you living, what is your content, what kind of advertisements are shown, how many page views generated ect. But I can give you a example. Suppose you have a website where you write about Internet Marketing. Your daily visitors amount is around 5,000 and page views are 15,000 to 20,000 . The CPM ( Cost Per Mile/ Thousands ) is $5 USD. Then approximately you can earn $100 USD for page views pus cost for clicks on ads. Could be around $150 - $200 per day! That's a good amount for any part time business! What do you say? ;)

Who are monetizing with Google Adsense?

- Many famous websites are monetizing with Google Adsense. For example, , , Ehow.comDigital Point Forum , , , , etc.

That's all for you from me! If you have any Google Adsense related question, you can ask me in comment or send me a question by Contact form. I'm promising to answer you as soon as possible.

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