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Monday, December 15, 2014

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Hello developers! Hope you are doing well. Many people are coming to application developing, specially in the Android arena. Now, What! They need a developer account.

How to Open a Android Developer Account?

A lot of people doesn't have Master card of VISA card for opening a account. But, you can easily do that with Payoneer Card.

There is another way out who doesn't have a  Payoneer Card. What's that? That's Neteller. Neteller is a virtual card which can be used for your purpose of opening up a Google Play account. In Neteller virtual card, you can pick any one Master Card, VISA, American Express coping up with your need. You can take real card too if you apply. But for opening up a Google Play account you don't need a card in hand.

At first go to and open up a account. For any kind of help / suggestion go here!

You will be given a Secure ID, same that somewhere.
Don't forget to email verify your account. Then, go to your Neteller account. For opening a virtual card, click on Net+ Cards from left side.

Now, click on Add a Virtual Card and create a card for you. Select any of VISA or Master Card. Put your name and save the information. We need those for our Google Play Developer Account. Not clear? See below example:

Cardholder Name: Mosharrof Rubel
Card Name: 1234 6756 3948 230948
CVC: 199
EXP: 1/80

Now, recharge dollar in your account. Recharge at least $30 USD for being safe. You only need $25 for Google Play account. You can buy dollar from your known personal or any where. Careful about cheating.

Now, go here in Google Play Developer Sign Up site and open your account.

Hope this helps you!
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  2. Should I need to verify my Neteller account before opening Google Developer account ?

  3. brother
    nataller vartual card nake off koray desa