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Monday, September 29, 2014

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Yah, as the title suggests there is no comparison and competition in between you and me. The only competition and comparison left is in between me and myself. Point is why I'm writing or talking about this? I think this is very important for all of us as we use to compare ourselves with others. Not only us but specially our family does that so often. Let me give you guys couple of examples:

Example 1 :
You are Simon and you have a friend and neighbor Jony. You both are from same school and attended in School final exam just few months back. You got 70 percent marks in all subjects and Jony got 85 percent marks in all same subjects. Now, your parents and family will start comparison between you and Jony as you got less marks with same facility. Here, I make my point, there are no comparison and competition between you ( Jony) and me ( Simon). The only comparison and competition possible is between me ( Old Simon) and myself ( Simon with Progress). 

There is no comparison and competition between you and me!
There is no comparison and competition between you and me!

Example 2:
Suppose you are Eric and Bela is your friend and colleague. You and Bela work in same project at office. Now, Bela is doing much more better than you in that project. You are noticing that and comparing yourself with Bela. Bela had good background and she works hard , more than you. You maybe jealous of her. As a human its obvious to be that. You can defeat her in couple of ways. One is legal and another one is illegal. First one is, working hard and doing better than her. The second one is pretending Bela from doing better which is never legal and highly dis inspired. Here also you shouldn't compare and compete with Bela. Then what should you do? Well, you can take inspiration from Bela and compare yourself with you and compete with yourself to do better. It's all about making yourself better. Nobody is like nobody!

This fact is like finger print. In this planet there are no couple of people who have same finger print. Everyone has his/her own finger print. You can't match one with another. Not even among the twin babies! So, why should one be compared with another? I personally believe no one is like one one and that's why we should not compete and compare with another. The only competitor we have is our own mentality, mind set. We have to fight with that, beat that and win our own personal race.

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