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Friday, September 5, 2014

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First of all, let make the 'freelancer' concept clear! There is a website for people who works as freelance called ( same kind as oDesk, Elance and so on ) so, few people think working at on line may be Freelancing! But, freelancing could be at off line too! A freelancer is someone who doesn't work on a fixed place or job, he lances freely and does what he loves! That's why he's called a freelancer.

freelancer who works freely
Freelancer Image

Well, there a thousands ways of making money rather I say building your career at on line! For that you need few things like:-

1. Hard work 

 There is no short cut of success. You have to work hard at any corner of the planet for food and living!

2. Patience

 Some people need years to hunt and find a suitable job at on line , some need few hours! So, you have to be extremely patient on this sector! 

3. Discovering Yourself 

This is the most important part, you have to know what you know! You have to find out your weakness and strength. Run on your strength, walk on your weakness and make the journey possible. Work harder on your weakness, make yourself unique. )

4. Target 

Personally, I hate long term targets. It doesn't works that much. But, definitely you need target otherwise you don't know where are you going? During studying Computer Science, I learned Divide & Conquer algorithm in algorithm course. It's like diving a big problem into little pieces and winning each pieces. At the end of the day, you will win the complete war rather I say Target


Now, What are the career opportunities?

Honestly answering, it could be anything depending on you! You have to find out your strength and work on it, you will definitely find something for you!

Let me give some example depending on you love of doing things! Ok?

Career Opportunities - Job Search
Career Opportunities - Job Search

1. Do you love Writing?

Career: You could write in , , writing section and make a good profile for good career. You could open a blog for yourself, write there and monetize with advertisement. You could monetize with Google Adsense,,, . If you heard the name of famous blog you may know the CEO of Pete Cashmore. He made his career in blogging. You could have hard the name of John chow for and so on. You can also write in some sites, they will share revenue with you! There is another way of monetizing , you can do affiliation ( by, Amazon, Clickbank.. . . etc )

2. Do you love presenting? Tuition? Saying something?

Career: Just do a little bit more, capture the video of what you love to do or presenting! Upload in and other video sharing sites and monetize easily! You should have a look at You can sell your videos in DVD or in on line creating your own platform.


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