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Saturday, August 23, 2014

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I'm Rubel as the blog name suggests. My full name is Mosharrof Hossain but in certificates my name is Mosarrof Hossain. There are spelling mistake by the teacher in school when I was registered. I came to this world in February 11 of 1991. Started my school life at the age of 4. My parents says often that at the age of 3 I use to cry to go to School then they took initiatives to send me in school.

At 2001, I completed my primary school level( Up to class five ) at a simple tin shaded school called Children's Care Academy. After that I came to Maijdee ( Noakhali, Bangladesh ) for admission in Noakhali Zilla School in class six at 2002. It was a thrilling journey during 2002 to 2007 at Noakhali Zilla School. The teachers used to beat us hard and we used to be bad boys as well. Those were the best days of my life. When I was in class nine at 2005, I had an accident with Pick Up Van. There was almost no chance for me to survive but I did with the mercy of Almighty Allah. I still have 17 stitches  in my head of that accident. I passed SSC ( Secondary School Certificate ) exam at 2007 with GPA 5 at in my whole life that is the only thing I can be proud of!

Mosharrof Rubel
It's Me Mosharrof Rubel :)

Adamjee Cantonment College ( Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh ) was my college where I studied during 2007 to 2009 period. The college was very much strict and restricted by a thousands rules for which I hated that college a lot! During 2010 to 2013 I completed my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Computer Science & Engineering ( Major: Software Engineering ) from Southeast University, Dhaka. In Southeast University, I meet couple of legendary people like Shahriar Manzoor and KM Hasan Tomal. KM Hasan Tomal sir was one of the intelligent and polite peoples I have ever meet! Such a cool headed man can do anything possible in or out of Computer Science & Programming arena. I comleted my B.Sc with a poor CGPA and started a business with friends. Got couple of job offers but I'm dreaming big and want to do something very special!

Me and some friend founded Carnival IT Team with the purpose of doing something good at future. We develop Mobile Applications, On line based Softwares, Web sites and so on. It's running pretty good until now.

I have a dream of founding a research center where the brains of the town will work together and create something new and special not only for business purpose but also for the greater good of Mankind! Ya, I know it's seemed bigger than my size but you know dreams are boundless! There are only few people who believe I can something and My mother is one of them. She inspires me on anything I want to do. Tries to give everything I needed. She's the best gift on earth from the Almighty. My father and sister also backups me when I need them or I don't. Feel so lucky when I think all about these.

I created this blog to write something personal, educative and interesting! Hope you will love that and be with me.


  1. carry on!

    Still with you. I can't promise i will always!

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