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Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Career Tips
Career Tips


3. Do you love working in Web?

Career: You can easily work for Search Engine Optimization for web site( Putting sites at top in search engine search results). For learning there are hundreds videos , articles at Online. You just need to do you a favor by searching those at Google and apply those. And for more web based little projects you can work in too.

4. Do you love designing something?

Career: If you are good at designing, why don't you try and other freelance sites?

5. Do you love taking photos?

Career: Why are you not selling your photos Online? Just search and find sites for selling photos! I would love to suggest for you for selling photos!

6. Do you love web developing?

Career: Go at and know the basics of web developing and designing. After that you will understand by yourself what to do how to do! You have to have love and passion for that. You can build your career by learning HTML/CSS and designing great templates. You have a lot of articles and tutorials over Online for learning these. Just need intension and Attempt.


7. Do you love Wordpress?

Career: Wordpress, One of the most cheered and easy CMS ( Content Management System ) in Internet world. With Wordpress, you can build up your career. Approximately 25% websites of Internet are developed in Wordpress. So, if you think of doing something like developing wordpress theme or plugin that would be a great idea. You can submit your themes, Plugin markets like and sell them. Wordpress customization is pretty easy task to do. You can learn and do that for clients. Finds clients may be hard but you have to patient there. 

8. Do you love business & marketing? Try Web hosting business!

Career: If you know marketing and love doing business you can give a try for web hosting business. We are heading towards the age of technology and everybody needs Domain and Hosting. If you are eligible and have enough investment you can start that business of web hosting and domain selling. There are giants company like , . You can follow them and also can buy Reseller Hosting from them for business.

bluehost hosting buy
Bluehost logo

9. Do you love Android OS? IOS? Windows Phone OS?

Career: Do you love mobile application? Want to develop those? You can start with basic Application development if you are good at programming ( Like Java, JavaScrit ) . Even if you are not good at programming and don't know much about that, you can start static application development by PhoneGap facilities. There are markets like Google Play, iTunes for you to submit your applications.  So, what are you waiting for?

That's the nine ways of Online Money Making ideas for you. Remember, in Internet you have everything for you, you just need to find those. When you are done with finding, try to work on those, learn those and change them to earning process for your Career.

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