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Monday, August 25, 2014

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I completed my bachelor ( B. Sc )  in Computer Science & Engineering from Southeast University. That was not a huge university but was among the good few private varsities. Though, they have good name and fame for Computer Science & Engineering department as legendary programmer Shariar Manzoor is a important part of that department. But, when I was having my degree there I found more faculties who are terrific in teaching rather than Shahria Manzoor!   I'd like to mention KM Hasan Tomal and Rezwan-Al-Islam Khan's name here!

So, the point is “What are actually taught in computer science and Engineering ( CSE ) ”?

First of all, I would like to say couple of funny story about what common people on the teaching of Computer Science & Engineering!

One: My house owner once came to me for a problem solution of her Facebook account and I was giving her solution. Then, she asked me about my education and current situation. I said, I'm having graduation in Computer Science & Engineering. Then, she asked me, “What you learn there? Opening up a computer? Fixing the parts? Do u know how to open up a computer and fix it?”

Computer Engineering
Computer Engineer

I almost got shocked, listening to her! Then, I explained!

Two: I had a friend called SJ. One day she gave me a picture of her and said to edit that. That picture was taken by VGA camera maybe as I saw the quality of the picture was very poor! Then, I told her that I can't do much about this picture. She replied me, “Then, what did you learn from CSE? ” I didn't have much words to say her after listening that!

When a higher secondary passed boy think to get admission in Computer Science & Engineering, he gets the idea that he will be able to do so much thing after passing! But is that true? From me, the answer is “NO”! In computer science education you will only learn 'THEORY' but reality is different! Though you will have a lot of 'lab' courses but ironically those are theory too!

At first semester of University, I had few subjects like, English, Physics, Math and Programming Language C. In C, I was taught the basic of C programming. Nobody ever told me to learn more by myself, but deeper learning is the main thing! There I got a question me, if I have to learn it by myself and nobody tells me that then what am I doing in university? I could learn that at home too!

Later, I faced subjects like, Accounting, Chemistry, Economy, Circuits, Networking, Statistics, more Mathematics etc. Among those two Physics, three English, six mathematics were included!

The most important subjects are yet to come. Those are like, Algorithm one, Algorithm two, Database Design, Operating System, Microprocessor, Artificial Intelligence, Data Logic Design, Software Engineering and Information System Design, Computer Architecture, Programming Language Java one, Graphics Design &  Animation, Image Processing, Web Languages and few more I can't remember the name!

So, the burning question is what did I learn from these subjects? Ans is a bit typical! In algorithm and Artificial Intelligence  courses, I learned few search algorithms, sorting algorithms. Though we were not that much good to write programmer for these algorithms! We used to copy from Internet to submit assignments. In JAVA course, I also learned nothing! Later, our teacher ( KM Hasan Tomal ) took an additional course on JAVA which was not included in course outline. In there I got basic on JAVA, thanks to him! In, operating system classes with Rezwan, I got passionate on Linux and that was good for me too.

And, learning one line, two line, one thing, two thing from one four month course my graduation on Computer Science completed. Remember, exams and university test your memory, not learning! So, I got passed in every courses reading just before exam night and I learnt nothing!

During university life, I used to write blogs on different platform and founded a blog too. There, I came to know I can find anything on Internet to learn. I started learning HTML ( HyperText Markup Language ) and did that in six hours. Then, gradually learned CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) . Then, I got passionate and almost addicted on PHP ( Hypertext PreProcessor ). Using database knowledge( which I learned from university database course ), I use to make simple projects by PHP and one day I dreamed of making a company for software! Which I started end of 2013 and name it Carnivalbd IT Team. Now, I'm going with it and trying to make it bigger! So, now if I make question what I learned in university and what I am doing now is a bit different!

Point is, you will get few guidelines in varsity but you have to learn by yourself what you want to do! University will give you academical identity, a certification and sometime inspiration ( by good teachers ) but will never feed you! You have to find your own way! There you might feel less importace of reading in a university! When I decided to study in Computer Science & Engineering for being a Software Engineer I picked up a medium cost private varsity to save some money and for doing this ( Walking on my created way ) on my own way! I knew somehow, varsity can't teach me much but give a guideline to walk on my dreamed way!

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  1. I have admitted in a university to study in CSE, this post from you make me afraid about university. Why I admitted there I should try myself as I doing from last 2 year. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. I said you need university for your academical identity! In some fields, you need university certificate to prove what you actually learned in home! :)

      All the best for your CSE Career, be around, cheers! :)

  2. Yes, I have also found the reality of your article in my CSE degree. I am also going to the same way that you are caring on. HOPE, one day your dream will become true. Go ahead................Thanks for your nice article.


    1. Go ahead and learn something in spite of just achieving degree!

      And, you are welcome for with, thanks brother :)

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