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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Hello Developers! Being a mobile application developer I must have concern on JAVA language. Just thinking to write a tutorial for you guys too. Work as you think! Let's go..

JAVA: A very high level object oriented programming language. Java was brought in 1995 ( came from a language named OAK )and  created by Sun Microsystems. Java is one of the most used and famous programming languages around the world.

USES OF JAVA: Java can be used to develop desktop applications, mobile applications ( You will be able to developer Android application by Java  )  and web applications.

CASE SENSIVITY: It's very important point to notice about, JAVA is a very much case sensitive language. You have to be careful while coding in JAVA.

JAVA SE: It stands for Java Standard Edition. It's widely used for developing portable software applications for web severs and desktop computer environment.

J2SE: Java 2 Standard Edition
JAVA EE: It stands for Java Enterprise Edition
JAVA ME: It stands for Java Micro Edition
JRE: Java Runtime Environment
JDK: Java Development Kit
JVM: Java Virtual Machine

Some of JAVA IDE( Integrated Development Environment ): Eclipse, NetBeans, drJAVA etc.

JAVA Package: It's a system or procedure for keeping Java classes into namespaces. Normally, in our program we call a package when needed. Example of a Java package: , java.lang


I'm planning to go far with these tutorials, let's see what happen. In next tutorial we'll start coding. But I'm going to show an example of Java code how it looks for you.


public class javaclasswithrubel {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        System.out.println(" hi java developers, my name is rubel. You are visiting , don't forget to stay connected. ");


|| The output of this program will be, “  hi java developers, my name is rubel. You are visiting , don't forget to stay connected.  ”

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