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Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Hello Ubuntu Users!
If you have changed your OS and came to new OS like Ubuntu and Ubuntu is not letting you access your old OS HDD ( Hard Disk Drive ) files. It might say something like ' You do not have permission to view this drive or access this drive!

Simple way to come out!
First go to Disk Utility in your Ubuntu! You can have a look at below image.

Now, you need to create folder for a mount point. Command for that:
sudo mkdir /media/myrecovereddrive

Now, from the disk utility find out the drive location that you want to access. You have to mount that. Suppose, the drive you want to access is in the location '/dev/sda1'

Now run below command in your terminal to mount the drive:
sudo mount -t  ext3  /dev/sda1    /media/myrecovereddrive

Now go to the drive and you will be able to access.
You might face a problem of permission in to the folder. For Accessing those, run below commands:
sudo chmod 777 -R /media/myrecovereddrive

All folders will be unlocked!

Now, you can unmount the drive! For that, you need to run below command:
sudo umount  /media/myrecovereddrive

Hope this helps!
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